"When you look good, you feel good" Ken Smith

Growing up in Queens, NY as a chubby kid, I came from an era where dissing what my peers had on was funny and embarrassing based on their lack of fashion, and I got my fair share. Jokes amongst our group was like a modern day, What are those! 


I remember my mother always having categories for clothing. She would say “Take off your school clothes and put on your play clothes, Church clothes, Easter clothes, going out clothes.” From that day, I vowed I will wear anything that made me feel good about myself and that’s when I discovered the love of fashion. Years later, I joined my first gym and became aware of what fit me better and learned how to cover up my flaws. 


While attending college, I dressed up head to toe making fashion statements all over campus. I would leave class and go straight to the gym with what I had on. People would walk up to me and say “Man, you workout in those retro Jordans, Gucci, or Pradas.” To me, it wasn’t a big deal. I felt good working out while looking fresh and that’s how Gym Swag Fitness was born. 


Gym Swag Fitness is a movement and a self esteem builder because when you look good you feel good.


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